The first smart automatic watering and irrigation
system valve in the world

One of the important points of household automation of the country house or cottage is organization of irrigation of private plot.
Delivery date March 2018
Every person aims to organize his household as comfortably as possible, as well as to save some time. The modern control system of all "domestic" processes, for instance, the coherence of water supply, heating, electricity and security systems, the programming of particular systems and a remote control and monitoring possibility, makes people's lives easier.
How Does NiiG Valve Work
Basic principles of valve operation
We present innovative developments in the sphere of automatic irrigation of plots of different sizes, reliefs and different purposes. The NiiG valve (New Irrigation Gadget) is connected to a high-density polyethylene pipe via a special compression coupler. It was deliberately developed according to universal sizes of the parts of domestic water supply systems.

The valve is fully self-contained, and it is not necessary to plug it to electricity to provide its operation. This is very important, especially for places with frequent power shortages documented. The continuous operation is attained due to integrated batteries with the autoloading system developed exactly for this gadget.

The NiiG valve installation process is simple, doesn't take much time and doesn't need any additional difficult equipment or expensive automated operations. It is tight, which eliminates any risk of leakage. When the irrigation season ends and the weather is cold, it is not necessary to conserve the valve in a special way and switch it off for winter. A special GSM module notifies the owner that the temperature is being reduced, and the valve opens to avoid the ice formation and rupture of the high-density polyethylene pipe.

To start operating, it is enough to connect the valve to the irrigation system after installing it and to register in the mobile app.
How to Control NiiG Valve
Valve remote control via mobile app
All automated processes can be controlled via Smartphones. To do this, you only need to download an app and register in the system. It allows to monitor soil moisture and ambient temperature in any part of the plot all the time. Consequently, besides configured options of the operation, there is a possibility of the spot focusing on areas with some problems found.

The integrated GSM module allows to control the system from anywhere in the world in real time mode. So, now it is not necessary to ask friends and acquaintances for monitoring the land's state during your absence. Wherever you are, at work, on the journey or even at home, you are always able to control the irrigation process.
Manual Mode
Forced activation and deactivation according to the user's wishes
Scheduled Mode
Water supply is possible at a specified time
Smart Mode
The smart mode monitors the temperature range and soil moisture level providing a possibility to take an appropriate decision and control the irrigation process remotely.
Special Parameters
Flexible adjustment of parameters. F.e., activation when soil moisture is defined.
Grouping of several valves for convenience of the user
Winter Mode
Activation of the sleep mode, by the way, the valve opens to get rid of water remains and to be deactivated for winter.
Where NiiG Valve Can Be Used
Options of using valve in some areas
The broad application of the self-contained valve for the purpose of automatic irrigation makes it almost universal. It perfectly suits drip and jet watering in covered greenhouses, glasshouses and irrigation in the open air.

Besides using the valve for domestic purposes by individuals in small private sectors, the valve can be used for organization of fresh clean water automatically supplied to drinkers at cattle farms of different sizes and purposes. Also, with it, it will be easier to configure the system of irrigation of different agricultural crops including an effective method of drip watering.
Main advantages available when using smart valve
The NiiG valve has passed all the tests and has proved to meet all claimed technical, consumer and operation requirements. A preproduction prototype has been already developed. At this stage, it is necessary to raise funds to launch the serial production of such valves. Also, the system control program that will be compatible with Android and iOS systems requires further elaboration. Consequently, it will be available for an absolute majority of users.

The NiiG valve is an innovative development is the sphere of the automatic irrigation system and doesn't have analogues in the world at the moment. By the way, the estimated cost of the gadget is quite lower than modern usual wired irrigation valves.
Possibility to work on scheduled and smart modes and in accordance with moisture specified
Remote Monitoring
Possibility to monitor soil condition and adjust water supply remotely
Resource savings and reduction in the water bill
Absence of electrical and signal wires connected to each valve
Uniform Irrigation
Uniform watering of the plot and avoidance of formation of swamped or too dry areas
Each valve notifies the user about its current state and affirms accepted commands
Main technical specifications of valve
Comparison with Valves of Other Manufacturers

  • Autonomous work
  • Manage your smartphone
  • Connectivity
  • Operating pressure
  • Valve Cost
  • Control block
  • Ø 1/2"
  • 0 - 10 bar
  • $ 84
  • Built-in
  • Ø 3/4"
  • 0,5 - 10 bar
  • $46
  • $162
  • Ø 1"
  • 0,5 - 12 bar
  • $52
  • $122
Project Plan
Start project - June 2015
Product concept creation
Electronic device development
Development of operating prototypes
Field ground tests
Preparation for production and release of adjusting series
Launch of campaign to raise funds
Serial production
Shipment of gadgets to investors
If our project is of your interest, please, tell your friends about it. Thank you!
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